About Me

Hey girlfriend! I’m your girl,Tiff, from TEAWITHTIFFANYP.COM

I’m a first time mom (FTM) to the most precious, little girl (biased perhaps?) and the wife to an incredible man.

tiffany phillips family photo

I studied computer science at the BEST Historically Black College & University, Tuskegee University (T-U. U Know!). I spent over 10 years working for a Fortune 500 Company, Lockheed Martin, managing commands and telemetry for spacecraft. Translation: managed communication between engineers and the spacecraft  (commands) and the spacecraft back to the engineers (telemetry).

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After spending years in Corporate America, I traded my high heels for slippers and became a stay at home wife (SAHW).

Why Blogging?

Anybody who truly knows me, knows I can’t sit still. I can hear my mom saying, “Will you sit your *** down!” LOL! Please don’t tell her I disclosed that!

Since childhood, I’ve always had a desire to teach. Now, with so much free time on my hands – well, not completely free. Between scrubbing toilets, laundry, cooking, cleaning, and countless other wife duties. – blogging provided an opportunity to purse my childhood dream, to teach. I teach busy Christian women how get fit, God’s way.

I’ve been in fitness industry for 14 years. I’m a professional bodybuilder (it’s true!) and marathoner. I’ve also spent countless hours training women for weight loss and muscle definition.

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What To Expect?

Biblical truth, workouts, fitness and nutrition tips, and tasty recipes.

Encouragement and empowerment on your wellness journey.

Sneak peek into my life as a wife and sleep deprived mom.

Grab a cup of tea. Browse around a bit. See you on the inside!